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BMW's First Series Superbike Comes off the Production Line. As the excitement builds for BMW Motorrad's introductory race to the Superbike World Championship at Phillip Island on March 1st 2009, the first series production version of the superbike has rolled off the production line in Berlin: the BMW S 1000 RR. Based closely on the series production bike, the race version has been performing extremely well in recent tests held in Portimao and Valencia. BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team Alpha Racing, as well as riders Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus are very impressed with the bikes progress and what the future holds in the Superbike World Championship. The series production BMW S 1000 RR is a completely new motorcycle for BMW Motorrad with a compact and light 999cc in-line 4-cylinder engine. The dry weight of the motorcycle is 183 kg.
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Based on the R 1200 S Sports Boxer, with a racing pedigree that has been honed on circuits around the world, the new HP2 Sport is the most powerful, lightest and advanced Boxer-twin yet, and the first production Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) Boxer in BMW history. Achieving130hp at 8750rpm and 85 ft-lb of torque at 6000rpm, the engine is truly formidable. With a dry weight of just 178kg, the bike’s power to weight ratio guarantees impressive performance
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The Revolution is Here What makes the G 450 X so unique? It's the way it's engineered. Quite simply, there is technology on this machine that is totally revolutionary. First off, the countershaft sprocket and swingarm are on the same pivot , which keeps chain tension uniform at all times for better power delivery. The clutch is smaller and mounted directly on the crankshaft which means less heat and stress on the plate. A feisty, fuel injected, easy-starting engine that's mounted forward in a stainless steel, cradle-less frame puts serious, power to the ground, while an extra-long swingarm creates unstoppable traction. Add a gas tank under the seat for a lower center of gravity, no linkage Ohlin's shock, and a forward-mounted airbox, and this is a 450 cc thumper that stands alone as the most original machine to hit the dirt in years. The new BMW G450X Sport Enduro is a unique motorcycle that completely redefines enduro riding. That’s because it’s been designed from the ground up to deliver the sort of off-road traction dreams are made of, with a brand new single-cylinder engine and a revolutionary swing-arm design. The result is a bike that is quite simply unstoppable. After extensive testing, the G 450 X is ready, willing and able to take on the toughest competition around.
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The new BMW F 650 GS. The most unstoppable Enduro in its class. Dynamic and sporty, it is built around a punchy twin-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 71 horsepower. Light weight and a comfortable low seat ensure outstanding agility, while ABS and tyre pressure control maximize safety. And it is as at home in the big city as in the big wide world beyond. The new F 650 GS. 100 percent BMW. 100 percent unstoppable. Unstoppable and powerful with it. The new BMW F 650 GS offers all the power you need, on tap whenever you need it. Its state-of-the-art 798-cc twin-cylinder engine delivers 71 horsepower (52 kW). And that in a bike that weighs just 199 kilograms*. Because the key to performance is not making things harder for yourself than they have to be. Unstoppable and versatile with it. City backstreets? Empty highways? Off-road terrain? All of them are meat and drink to the BMW F 650 GS. With a tubular frame that is lightweight yet extremely robust, and comprehensive levels of equipment for maximum rider comfort if you?re up for it, then so is the F 650 GS.
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Limited September Availability. The new BMW F 800 GS. Everything about it is unstoppable. Its state-of-the-art 85 hp twin-cylinder engine delivers awesome off-road power. A kerb weight of just 207 kilograms makes it unbelievably agile. And its ability to perform on smooth tarmac and rough ground alike makes it uniquely versatile. The new BMW F 800 GS. Built to go beyond the ordinary. Unstoppable agility. The new BMW F 800 GS offers uniquely smooth power delivery, thanks to the combination of a high-torque 798-cc twin-cylinder engine delivering 85 horsepower (63 kW) with a kerb weight of just 207 kilograms. The result is a riding experience that will linger long in the memory. Unstoppable off-road performance. The F 800 GS is designed to deliver outstanding performance on and off-road. This is achieved with light weight, exciting handling, and all the power you need. Wherever you are on the planet, on the F 800 GS there? always a way to go further.
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Serious sporting - with the BMW F 800 S common sense takes on a sporty edge. The BMW F800 S has the all-round ability to take you through the city without hassle and gives you plenty of power for a weekend trip for two, yet always willing to take on your favourite local roads. But an all-rounder has rational benefits too: it needs to be uncomplicated, reliable, low-maintenance and economical. You want it to be easy on the wallet and stress-free. Innovative functions and reliable, intelligent solutions are what characterise a real all-rounder - that's the BMW F 800 S - and with the new lower seat height now available there's a BMW Sport bike for everyone. We call the combination of pleasure and common sense "serious fun". And that's just what the BMW F 800 S stands for. The entirely newly developed, powerful 85 hp parallel twin engine indulges you with speed and pulling power, while maintaining a low level of fuel consumption and meeting the most stringent environmental standards. The quiet toothed belt drive not only ensures loss-free power transmission, but is also lower on maintenance than chain drive, with superior durability and is easy to change. The light chassis provides the ideal base for sporty handling - handy in town, directionally stable on country roads. ABS is available as an option. The sporty
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the BMW F 800 ST shows you how much fun you can have with common sense. Riding a motorbike is pure fun. Whether you take a short sharp jaunt cross country, a trip through the city or a long holiday trip with luggage. That's right - every ride means pure pleasure! This kind of versatility requires an all-rounder which gives the rider whatever is needed - both on winding local roads and for fast motorway travel. But practicalities are important too: economy and reliability are just as important as great looks and pure fun on the road - whether in the city or for sporty weekend tours. The BMW F 800 ST is just such a universal talent, combining pleasure and common sense in equal measure. And now with the new low seat option available there's an F800 ST for everyone. This is what a sports touring bike should look like - combining touring fun and comfort with an impressive sporty touch: elegant, functional trim with superb wind and weather protection. A powerful, highly sophisticated parallel twin engine with 85 hp which meets the toughest environmental standards and is right up there when it comes to torque levels. The modern toothed belt drive gives loss-free power transmission and requires less maintenance than a chain drive, with higher durability. The chassis gives dynamic and stress-free pleasure on winding country roads, predictable handling in the city and can cover longer distances including longer stints on the motorway with a high degree of ride stability. And as one would expect from BMW, there are many intelligent accessory ideas available which will enable you to put together your own personal sports touring bike.
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If you're looking for a bike with zero pretensions that's all attitude, the R 1200 R is your ride. From blazing performance in the twisties to long distance touring to blasts around the city this is a supremely capable motorcycle that offers exhilarating performance. Featuring a generous 109hp, the new R 1200 R has the horsepower torque and acceleration to create thrills with every mile. Add the latest version of BMW Integral ABS and Automatic Stability Control, and the R 1200 R is as sure-footed as it is exciting. Now every turn becomes a pulse-quickening experience no matter where the pavement takes you.
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