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Knights in the Nightmare is a rich tactical role-playing game that tells the tale of the kingdom of Aventhiem--and quite a tale it is, too. Picking up soon after the death of a brave and beloved king, the story is a complicated but compelling one, packed with political schemes and betrayals, as well as ancient rivalries and new alliances. It also boasts a cast of characters that's hard to keep track of because it's so large. The story jumps around in time and leaps frequently between knights and nobility, creating a rich sense of Aventhiem's people and history. It advances at a deliberate pace that only very slowly makes clear what's transpiring, but this serves to make each upcoming scene all the more tantalizing. You're free to skip the between-battle story sequences, but if you do, you'll be missing a significant part of what makes Knights in the Nightmare a rich and rewarding experience.
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Dementium II is an exciting horror adventure that places you inside a secret asylum for the criminally insane in the role of William Redmoor. Arm yourself with revolvers, shotguns, daggers, sledgehammers and bonesaws to defend yourself against more than 16 horrifying creatures. Walk down the foreboding corridors and see the blood-strewn walls designed to immerse you in this nightmarish environment. Overpower and kill guards to fight your way to The Doctor and free yourself from the horror that has enslaved your mind.
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