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Mobile Phone with Web Access, Email, and VGA Camera with Zoom With the LG CE110, you can treat yourself to wireless technology at its finest. The LG CE110 lets you communicate with friends in every way possible: talk hands-free with Bluetooth® or speakerphone, text or IM for silent chats, send and receive emails?even snap and share close-up pictures with a digital-zoom VGA camera.
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Mobile Phone with Web Access and Compact Design Say hello to the LG Aloha, the ultra-compact phone with hands-free calling and voice-activated dialing. Get up-to-speed with news and world events on Mobile Web, and enjoy the simple convenience of LG features packed into one miniature design.
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Mobile Phone with 3G Connectivity and Music Player The LG Trax™ will rock your world! Scroll through your life’s soundtrack on your external touch pad, as easily as staying in touch via email on-the-go. Track news, weather, and sports clips-anywhere, any time. Send videos, share clips, listen to your Trax™ in stereo. How awesome is that?
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Mobile Phone with Bluetooth® and Ultra-Slim Design The sleek LG LX160 is a phone that fits your busy lifestyle. With Bluetooth® technology, you can talk hands-free and get organized by sending calendar events and contacts to family and friends. Always on the move? Use voice-activated dialing to make your most frequent calls, without even lifting a finger.
Expert Reviews : 3     User Reviews : 0 Views :  345

Mobile Phone with Music Player and Video Camera The LG Wave™ has everyone raving-and for good reason-it packs all the coolest features into a smooth, lightweight clamshell. The music player with external touch keys lets you play all the hottest tunes and store your favorite songs. Plus, it lets you take pics and flicks and share them easily.
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Mobile Phone with Compact Design and Voice Commands The compact clamshell design of the LG AX145 fits as easily into your pocket as it does into your fast-moving life. Its speakerphone and voice-activated dialing helps you multi-task like a pro, and high-speed data transfer and voice-memo recording lets you send a text or make a mental note, even in your busiest moments.
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Mobile Phone with Music Player and FM Radio Let the LG LX570 help you get in the groove. With a dedicated music-key, you can listen to songs while running other applications. Stereo sound is at your fingertips with a built-in FM transmitter and Bluetooth® connectivity. Create ring tones with the music-composer feature, or download full-length songs.
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Mobile Phone with Music Player, Video Camera, and Bluetooth® Now LG Chocolate® is sweeter than ever. It’s slimmer and lighter with an improved navigation wheel that uses trace motion light. Choose from red, blue, black, and blue ice to please your sophisticated palette. And the built-in music player will always satisfy your cravings for tunes.
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Mobile Phone with Compact Design and Voice Commands Multi-tasking is easier with the LG AX140. Its ergonomic, ultra-compact design lets you stay in touch, hands-free, with one-touch speakerphone, voice-activated dialing, enhanced text messages, and the ability to record important memos to play back later.
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Mobile Phone with 3G Connectivity, Email, and IM With the LG CU405, you can connect to email, IM, and video downloads-all with the speed of America’s fastest 3G network. Bluetooth®, Push-to-Talk, and World Capable technology make getting in touch with your favorite people simple, no matter where on Earth you are.
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