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Samsung Mobile unveiled the innovative solar powered full-touch screen phone “Blue Earth”, alongside Samsung’s vision for environmental sustainability. Under the slogan: “The Blue Earth Dream: Eco-living with Samsung mobile”, Samsung reinforced its commitment to protect the environment through the design of eco-friendly products and a programme of activities for its customers. It will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2009 for the first time. Designed to symbolize a flat and rounded shiny pebble, Blue Earth is the first solar powered touchscreen phone. By charging with the solar panel located on the back of the phone, users can generate enough electronic power to call anytime anywhere.
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The world’s first full touch phone with slide-out 3x4 keypad! Samsung Electronics, unveiled its flagship handset for 2009, the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition. Following on from Samsung’s successes in 2008, which saw the Mobile division take the number 1 spot in United Kingdom mobile phone sales, the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition phone is set to engage new audiences and reinforce Samsung’s leadership in the Touch, Style and Slide categories. The Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition builds on the great success and momentum created by Tocco; the UK’s best selling contract mobile phone in the second half of 2008.
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Samsung i8510 review at LetsGoMobile : A mobile phone and digital photography have become so intertwined over the past few years, that there's no possibility of ever separating them again. A camera simply belongs on a cell phone. It started several years ago with a simple VGA camera, after which it soon became possible to shoot high resolution pictures with a mobile phone. With the i8510, Samsung has the scoop here, since it is the first mobile phone on the European market that boasts an 8.0 Megapixel digital camera.• Read the full Samsung INNOV8 review at LetsGoMobile.
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The Samsung S9110 Watchphone was previously introduced outside of the Netherlands, but now the Dutch consumer that has a weakness for high-tech and gadgets can enjoy it as well. The Samsung S9110 of course has a self-evidently small, 1.76-inch display, but it is a touch-screen type and is provided with a coating so that the exclusive Watchphone is scratch- and dirt resistant. The Samsung S9110 has an amazing amount of features, such as Bluetooth support, an MP3 player, voice recognition and Outlook sync.
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The Samsung Galaxy smartphone comes in a plain black package with a cover displaying the mobile phone. Upon opening the package, the Samsung Galaxy i7500 is visible straight away. Removing the top layer brings us to the included accessories, which are; a battery charger, a data cable , a headset, a pouch and the user manuals. The Samsung Galaxy is Samsung's first Android phone, and currently the slimmest one, which gives this smartphone a comfortable hand-fit. Not only is the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone very slim, it is also light in weight. Whether or not this is a positive feature I will refrain from commenting on, however, compared to the HTC Android phones, this Samsung phone feels somewhat cheap. Additionally, the keys below the screen appear to be slightly outdated. Furthermore, the shiny back of the phone proves rather fingerprint-prone. The bright AMOLED screen on the other hand is a great plus and the touchscreen works very smoothly.
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The monitor of the Samsung Pixon 12 smartphone is divided left and right into various programs. It allows you to quickly switch between picture and video mode, and provides quick access to the scene programs. Everybody will be able to shoot with optimal settings, thanks to 13 pre-programmed scenes. We are also aware of the fact that more and more camera phones now feature integrated convenient auto image editing software. For example, you can activate Smile shot, so that nobody will appear in a picture without a smile on his face. The camera will not take the picture unless the person you are trying to capture actually shows a smile. In addition, there is the Beauty shot function, which edits a picture and removes all imperfections smoothly and fully automatically. It's like a mini-Photoshop make-over. Remarkable is the so-called object-tracking on the Samsung Pixon 12 handset. By briefly touching an object on the AMOLED screen, the object is then continuously tracked and the camera will also continuously focus on it. However, such techniques for mobile phones are still in its infancy, although it has to be said Samsung does convince by introducing them in the Pixon 12 M8910 cell phone.
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Samsung B3410 is a quad-band slide-slider phone. It features 262k color touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, stereo Bluetooth, music player, microSD card slot and FM Radio.
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The sequel to Samsung's popular Behold smartphone, the Samsung Behold II for T-Mobile is now powered by the Google Android operating system and further augmented with Samsung's 3G Cube menu navigation for one-touch access to your favorite multimedia applications. It also offers three different home screens to organize multiple workspaces with favorite widgets and application shortcuts. Enabled for T-Mobile's expanding high-speed 3G network, the Behold II offers fast data delivery while on the go as well as compatibility with Wi-Fi networks and hotspots (802.11b/g). The full touchscreen Behold II is a multimedia powerhouse with fast Web and data supported by Wi-Fi and T-Mobile's high-speed 3G network. The phone sports a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen for crisper colors and wider viewing angles, and a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus, zoom, flash, five shooting modes and video capabilities. The Behold II offers GPS location services for turn-by-turn directions using Google Maps as well as third-party applications that can be downloaded from the Android Market. In addition to personal email and corporate email with Exchange ActiveSync, you'll enjoy instant messaging, and text, picture and video messaging. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, memory expansion up to 16 GB via optional microSD memory cards (a 2 GB microSD card is included), digital audio and video player, full HTML web browser, personal organizer tools, and up to 6 hours of talk time.
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As if Samsung has not yet added enough mobile phones to its range this year! We have come across a so-called dual-SIM mobile phone; the Samsung B5722, of which it is not entirely clear where exactly it will be introduced. What is clear, however, is that the Samsung B5722 mobile phone is scheduled for December, just before the holiday season. According to several sources, the Samsung B5722 is a touchscreen mobile phone with extremely small dimensions for a dual-SIM phone; 104x54.9x14.4 mm. The Samsung Dual SIM mobile phone supports GPRS and EDGE, and is equipped with a 2.8-inch LCD screen with a fairly average 320x240 pixels for reproduction.
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Samsung A797 flight is a fabulous mobile communication device. The phone is simply fantastic. You would love to purchase this phone and treasure it as one of your prized possessions. The phone has been equipped with some super fabulous features to let you enjoy the best of mobile communication features and facilities of the modern day
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