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It won't take long for you to notice how beautiful the LN32B530 is. With a sleek, black bezel and new transparent bottom edge, it's the perfect addition to your entertainment space. 1080p resolution produces the highest quality picture on the market and blacks and shadows are strikingly superb, thanks to the 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Best of all, this HDTV is Energy Star compliant, which means you'll save on your electric bill.
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A feature-rich HD experience is available at almost any budget with the LH20. Get crystal-clear HD picture quality, LG’s Core Technologies and features that maximize your enjoyment of movies, games and TV. Whether you use it in the living room, the bedroom or anywhere else, the LH20 comes in a wide range of sizes to fit almost any environment.
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Think there’s no such thing as an affordable 1080p TV with great features and technology? You’ll think again when you take a look at the LH30. It delivers a stunning picture in Full HD 1080p and LG’s innovative Core Technologies deliver an enhanced audio and video experience. With the LH30, affordability doesn’t mean compromise. It means getting a great HDTV—period. See for yourself.
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Feel the action in movies, games and sports on the 24" VT2430 widescreen LCD HDTV. Full HD 1080p resolution delivers 100% of your HD signal for incredibly precise images. High brightness combines with 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for unparalleled definition and detail. Super-fast video response and advanced image processing ensures extreme clarity in all your HD entertainment, movies, sports and games. The integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner and multiple connectivity including HDMI 1.3 give you all the inputs you need for game consoles, DVD and Blu-Ray players and computers. Get maximum enjoyment in your smaller spaces or on your desktop with the stylish, versatile VT2430 LCD HDTV.
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Strikingly gorgeous in high-gloss piano black, the 40-inch Toshiba 40RV525R HDTV offers a step up to 1080p Full HD while still maintaining excellent value. It features Toshiba's DynaLight dynamic backlight control for deeper black levels, a fast 8ms response time CineSpeed LCD panel, and three HDMI digital inputs for simple high quality connection to cable/satellite boxes, DVD players and more. It includes a PC Input for use as a PC monitor or gaming TV, and also features a Gaming Mode to shorten the signal to screen time for faster game controller response.
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Toshiba takes its REGZA Series LCD HDTVs to the next level with 2009's ZV650 full 1080p lineup, which feature a number of technological advances in both audio and video to make the most of your home theater experience. Fans of sports, video games, and fast-paced action movies will be wowed by the ClearScan 240 advanced frame rate technology, which greatly improves on previous 120Hz LCD panels for fluid, natural motion. The amazing high-definition picture is powered by the new PixelPure 5G 14-bit video processor, and the set includes Dolby Volume technology for a consistent audio level when changing the channel or when a program switches to commercial.
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With the Samsung 37-inch LN37B550 HDTV, you're investing in ahigh-quality LCD TV that offers top-of-the-line picture quality with 1080p high definition resolution. Enjoy the sharpest details and vivid color with 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for more realistic images and a 6ms (millisecond) response time--virtually eliminating any blurring and providing smooth motion while watching fast-paced sports and action movies. Superb connectivity and networking with a USB port and four HDMI 1.3 ports with Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) means this HDTV plays well with all of your other electronics.
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Watch your favorite shows and movies in stunning high definition with the Samsung LN19B361 19" LCD TV. It combines sharp, HD images in 720p resolution with crisp, clear sound. And with an 8ms response time that makes action smoother and more natural, the LN19B361 is an impressive small-screen LCD.
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The 720p series 4 was designed with many of the same high end components used across Samsung's entire LCD lineup. The series 4 piano black bezel elegantly frames a super patterned vertical alignment. Down firing stereo speakers are completely hidden in specially designed chambers at the bottom of the display to increase audio quality.
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From the Manufacturer The LH40 Series from LG has all the features you want, and the technology you need for the best experience. Get the best picture available with Full HD 1080p, virtually eliminate motion blur in sports and fast action scenes with TruMotion 120Hz, and have your picture automatically adjust to the light and color conditions in your room with Intelligent Sensor Technology. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of technology and features, look no further—you’ve found it with the LH40.
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