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2009 CRF230L Review
 2009 CRF230L
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It's hard knowing where to begin when describing the CRF230L. First and foremost, it's a dirtbike that happens to be street-legal, so it has the goods—torquey 223cc single-cylinder engine, six-speed gearbox, lightweight chassis, Pro-Link® rear suspension, head- and taillights and turn signals—to take you anywhere, on-road or off. Add to that a low, confidence-inspiring seat height, no-fuss electric start and great gas mileage, and you're looking at the perfect dual-sport machine for conquer
Category : Auto Mobiles » Bikes    Partno : 370278767428    Manufacturer : Honda
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   United States Price
   $4,549.00     Nov-2009
   $4,749.00     Nov-2009
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Zimbio TopSpeed
Expert Review
2009 Honda CRF230L Dual-Sport motorcycle is good choice for novice riders
    A very flexible little beginner motorcycle that's capable and fun in both pavement and offroad settings. cfl230l Pros Low seat height (for a dual sport) and low weight make it manageable for beginners Offroad ability offers more riding options than street-only bikes Time-tested design should be reliable and durable Cons A bit underpowered for freeway speed riding Might be small for larger-framed riders, and pegs are a bit narrow during offroading No-frills instrumentation might make you jealous of fancier starter bikes  
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : dirkpitt   Reviewed On  10-04-2008

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