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2009 Honda DN-01 Review
2009 Honda DN-01
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It's like nothing you've ever seen on two wheels. And for good reason: Honda's stunning new DN-01 is in a class of its own—the world's first crossover bike. Its styling and seating position alone set it completely apart, showing influence from the world of our sportbikes, sport touring machines, and cruisers. But underneath that bodywork the DN-01 is even more revolutionary, offering Honda's radical new HFT Transmission. Yes, it's an automatic—but an automatic unlike anything you've ever see
Category : Auto Mobiles » Bikes    Partno : 180422796578    Manufacturer : Honda
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   United States Price
   $14.00     Nov-2009
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Expert Review about 2009 Honda DN-01

Expert Review
2009 Honda DN-01
    LOS ANGELES—Honda is known for quite a number of breakthrough motorcycle designs—icons like the original CB750, the CBX (a groundbreaking six-cylinder) and, of course, the Goldwing. Clearly, the company isn't afraid to spearhead new directions in motorcycling. And the radical new DN-01 is certainly a unique direction.  
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