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2009 Honda SILVERWING Review
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Take off across the continent, or fly around town. The Silver Wing gets you there in comfort and style. Featuring a fuel-injected 582cc DOHC engine, a fully automatic CVT transmission, and room for two in the cockpit, the Silver Wing is rider-friendly with its electric start and sophisticated braking system. Add super-reliability and a cool aerodynamic profile, and this scooter adds up to one heck of a Honda.
Category : Auto Mobiles » Bikes    Partno : FSC600    Manufacturer : Honda
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   United States Price
   $8,499.00     Feb-2010
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Absolutely a Cross-country Ride, the 2009 Honda Silverwing
    You can say at least one thing about the Honda motorcycle company- they make every bike with great fit and finish, and impressive customer loyalty. The 2009 Honda Silverwing is the Honda scooter that most people  walk right to when they walk into the dealership. It has a presence that while impressive, is not overwhelming. During the ride, the 2009 Honda Silverwing is as compliant and easy-to-handle as you would expect a Honda scooter to be, but doesn't flash its 515-pound bulk at you. The 2009 Honda Silverwing is no whale. Instead, what you find is a Honda scooter that simply loves to be ridden, whether you destination is the office, corner market, or Aunt Betty's place three states over.  
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : William Sidney   Reviewed On  08-21-2009

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