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Killzone 2 Review
 Killzone 2
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No one could have suspected that the sequel to 2004's Killzone would be this good. Killzone 2 is a tremendous package, offering an exciting campaign and terrific competitive online play, neither of which create new paradigms for first-person shooters, but rather set new standards in subtle but significant ways. From groundbreaking visuals to well-crafted multiplayer maps, most of Killzone 2's individual elements stand out in a crowded genre, making its meager attempts at storytelling easy to ign
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Killzone 2 review
 The past several months have certainly see its share of high-profile first-person shooters for the next-gen console platforms, but one of the titles that high expectations surrounded was the SCEA/Guerrilla release Killzone 2. Well, the game has released and while Killzone 2 does follow some familiar trends in terms of multiplayer (which is robust settings), this is one of the more visceral titles to release. For those who have not indulged in the franchise (which includes the original PlayStation 2 title and the PSP release of Liberation), Killzone follows the war between two factions – the ISA and the Helghast. Up until Killzone 2, most of the action has taken place on the ISA world of Vekta. But in a Quake-like move, with Killzone 2, the ISA has decided that enough is enough and have taken the fight to the industrialized world of Emperor Visari and Helghan. It is into this setting that players are plunked and right from the get-go, you will feel the intensity, be drawn in by the harshness of the environments – which are destructible to some degree – and feel totally immersed in the action of the game.
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