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LFC23760SB Review
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3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker (23 cu. ft.) This French Door refrigerator looks stunning inside and out. Stylish, contoured French doors open to display the foods you reach for most, while its 33”-wide design easily fits most kitchens.
Category : Appliances » Refrigerator    Partno : LFC23760SB    Manufacturer : LG
   United States Price
   $1,095.00     Dec-2009
   $1,099.00     Dec-2009
   $1,299.99     Dec-2009
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Expert Review about LFC23760SB

Expert Review
"I have to say what a great find for a fridge, what I like about it first it looks good with our kitchen remodel and the colors/decor. its black. love the side to side door with the bottom tray freezer... very handy! it gets really cold in the freezer. if you leave the door ajar a little beep reminds you that the door is open and need to close it to save energy and keep your food cold! I did have some delivery issues and a long wait for this fridge coming from Korea about a month. then when it was delivered the delivery people got box cutter happy like they were opening the wrapping paper at christmas... so the bottom tray needed to be replaced.
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : Koolcat   Reviewed On  11-27-2008

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