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LG LMV1680BB Ovens Review
LG LMV1680BB Ovens
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Over The Range Microwave (1.6 cu.ft.) Behind the stylish exterior of this microwave oven lies a high-performance cooking machine. LG’s powerful vented airflow system makes microwave cooking more pleasant by reducing food odors.
Category : Appliances » Ovens    Partno : LMV1680BB    Manufacturer : LG
   United States Price
   $199.00     Dec-2009
   $179.99     Dec-2009
   $197.00     Dec-2009
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Expert Review about LG LMV1680BB Ovens

Expert Review
LMV1680BB Review
We have not reviewed this product but here is CNET's buying advice on Microwave Ovens. This content was chosen based on the features included with this model of microwave oven. Microwaves with Speedcook Using both microwave and light technology, speedcook microwaves cook food in traditional methods but faster--four to eight times faster, according to some manufactures. Speedcookers not only microwave but bake, broil, brown, roast, and grill quickly with no preheating. For example, a speedcook microwave cooks a whole chicken in 20 minutes versus a conventional oven time of 120 minutes in most cases, or a frozen pizza can take 5.5 minutes versus 23 minutes. Most advanced models are also a convection and warming oven and can be built-in. They are also more energy efficient than conventional ovens.
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : CNET Editor Buying Advice   Reviewed On  01-11-2009

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