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Plants vs. Zombies Review
Plants vs. Zombies
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Plants and zombies aren't exactly what you'd call natural enemies, given the latter's single-minded hunger for brains and the former's complete lack thereof. Despite being brainless, plants apparently appreciate the hand that waters them, so when zombie hordes come to eat your brains, it's Plants vs. Zombies. To protect your own gray matter, you create defensive fortifications around your house by cultivating a wide variety of cute, combat-ready plants to handle the goofy varieties of zombie att
Category : Games » PC    Partno : 00177    Manufacturer : Games
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   $6.33     Dec-2009
   $5.73     Dec-2009
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Ign Gamespot Eurogamer 1up
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Plants vs. Zombies Review
You would be forgiven for saying you've had your fill of tower defense games. The past couple years has seen a flood of these strategy clones filling casual portals like the iPhone and PC. But you know who might be able to bring you back: the people that brought you Peggle. PopCap, one of the best casual developers and publishers around, has delivered Plants vs. Zombies, its first tower defense game. While it uses the basic mechanics of all efforts in this genre, it boasts charm, personality, and gobs of gameplay variety. The result is another addictive experience that will appeal to all walks of gamers.
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : Daemon Hatfield   Reviewed On  05-05-2009

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