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Samsung UN55B6000 Review
Samsung UN55B6000
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edefining the standards for viewing quality, energy-efficiency and home entertainment decor, the Samsung 6000 Series LED HDTV deliver unparalleled picture quality and enhanced connectivity while also helping you reduce your carbon footprint with the reduced power consumption of the LED screen. Using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as its primary light source--rather than traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL)--this cutting edge HDTV also offers the benefits of an ultra-high contrast rati
Category : Electronics » TV    Partno : UN55B6000    Manufacturer : Samsung
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   United States Price
   $2,569.00     Jan-2010
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Great TV if one can figure out how to use it
My family and I just love this TV, particularly for watching sports. We looked at a lot of LCD and Plasmas but saw none that gave us the sense of depth this one does. It is like 3D. Moreover, our family room is also a sun room during the day but the picture is just as strong in the day time as it is when the room is dark. The viewing angle is comparatively wide. We see no appreciable drop off when it is viewed at an angle. It is large enough that my wife can view it from the adjacent kitchen with ease. Learning how to use its features and to set it up is another matter and that is the one gripe I have with the TV. Samsung only provides a four page manual which tells the owner nothing. Instead it includes a flash drive which contains a manual for its use but it took me over three weeks to realize what the flash drive was for. The manual does not show the available ports or how things are to be connected to the TV. I finally figured it out by trial and error and got the flash drive connected.
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