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Vizio VT420M Review
Vizio VT420M
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This 42-inch HDTV complements any room's decor with its fashion forward design and dramatic java brown finish. It's feature rich with full 1080p high definition resolution and 120Hz Smooth Motion technology for beautifully bright and clear images, and includes a built-in multi-media feature enabling you to enjoy music and photos directly from your HDTV.
Category : Electronics » TV    Partno : VT420M    Manufacturer : Vizio
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   $786.00     Jan-2010
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Vizio... if you can afford a better TV, buy something else
Vizio generally produces a pretty decent LCD television for a fraction of what you would pay for a big name set. However, I have now owned two Vizio LCD sets and have had issues with both of them. The first set, a 37" model I bought in 2006, couldn't toggle between HD and non-HD programming. The 42" Java finished model will produce an annoying vertical green line on the right side of the viewing area when connected to an HDMI source. The picture will also pixelate on the upper edge of the screen when not on an HD channel. I read a lot of online complaints about this model when looking for a fix. Some people complained of an issue with firmware on the HD cable box from the cable company. I checked that out, and that wasn't my issue. It certainly might be part of it, but I just returned the Vizio, bought a Samsung, and have no issues.
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : T.Kaylor   Reviewed On  08-06-2009

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