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LG WM2301HW Washer Review
LG WM2301HW Washer
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Front Load Washer LG’s sleek, sophisticated, intelligent front load washer is available with a 4.2 cu.ft. capacity tub, available in White and Wild Cherry Red. LG front load washers require approximately 3/4 less water than top loaders. All LG washing machines have the Energy Star rating.
Category : Appliances » Washer    Partno : WM2301HW    Manufacturer : LG
   United States Price
   $729.00     Dec-2009
   $1,000.00     Dec-2009
   $717.30     Dec-2009
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Expert Review about LG WM2301HW Washer

abesofmaine Associated Con
Expert Review
Even Better Than I Had Hoped For!
This product is amazingly quiet. No vibrations whatsoever. It's probably the most energy (both electric AND water!) efficient model out at this time. Many utility companies give additional rebates for this--so check that out too. Although the washing cycles are almost twice as long as those on my horrible old washer, it uses only a tiny fraction of the old one's energy, and saves at least 50% in cost AND time on the drying cycle, so the total combined cycle time is about the same. It works far better when items of similar bulk are used. It seems to sense similar items and pre-dries them at the end of the cycle if they are of a similar type. Normal clothing--jeans, cottons, and even delicates can be mixed.
Is Recommended?     Reviewed By : Laurie Slone   Reviewed On  02-11-2009

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