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LG WM3001HRA Washer Review
LG WM3001HRA Washer
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Ultra-Capacity SteamWasher™ This isn't just a washer that uses steam. This is something better. It removes over 95% of common household allergens with the Allergiene™ cycle, reduces noise to a hush with the TrueBalance™ anti-vibration system, and masterfully cleans fabrics with TrueSteam™ technology.
Category : Appliances » Washer    Partno : WM3001HRA    Manufacturer : LG
   United States Price
   $1,596.99     Dec-2009
   $1,399.00     Dec-2009
   $1,589.99     Dec-2009
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Expert Review
    "I researched and researched washers and dryers, and this one was rated tops - and truely is! Our W/D area is centrally located in the house, and all the noise from our previous W/D made me feel like I was in the middle of a construction zone. This is SO much nicer! You barely hear it. It does a phenomenal job cleaning clothes - although we've only had it for 3 weeks and I haven't tried out all the features - even the basic settings do a great job. Washing cycle does take longer, but we were always waiting for the dryer to get finished anyway (the matching dryer does take LESS time than the "conventional" dryers, tho!). Much gentler on clothes, too - the old ones (which were really only about 4 years old) were murder on my clothes. I didn't like the price tag, but I think I can stomach it now!"  
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